Таро сасурайбито толкование карт

Stasia Burrington


This 78 card deck is inspired loosely by the Raider-Waite deck, contemporary living in the Pacific Northwest, and Japanese and Buddhist ideas.

The Japanese word: “Sasuraibito” most closely translates to “wanderer.” It’s an older, literary term that is falling out of use, meant to describe a person ever-seeking, searching for a place of healing and refuge. This deck is designed to accompany the curious, wandering querent.


There is no wrong way to read these cards. You may forgo these steps altogether and use your intuition to guide your reading. You may be a seasoned reader or an absolute beginner; this does not matter. There are many different ways to use this deck, and there are loads of sources online and at your local bookstore. You may even meet a witch who lives around the corner who can help you, which would be wonderful. But all you really need are open eyes and curiosity. Listen to what the cards say to you personally, and pick and choose the meanings that call to you.

Here is a simple suggested breakdown, but do experiment with different methods and sources, and most importantly, have fun and ask lots of questions.

Make some space

Literally, on a table or floor, and also in your mind, take a moment to breathe and relax, and to mentally open some room for the reading.

Shuffle the deck

Ask your question / set your intention

This can be specific, or open. You may simply ask for guidance. You may like to hold the deck while you do this.

Cut the Deck

Take the top half and set to the side. You will be drawing from the remainder.

The Reading

You may draw one card for the reading.

You may draw a spread of three, five, or many more!

Three card spread:

past / present / future

Current situation / obstacle / advice

Where you stand now / what you aspire to / how to get there

You can absolutely create your own design.

It is important to remember that in spreads that suggest the future, the future is not absolute, and is only one of many possible future universes. You have influence over what is to come.

The orientation of the card may have significance for you. Generally, an upside-down or reversed card will represent a reversal of the card’s meaning, or a reminder to be wary of the dangers or excesses to which the card points. Whether you read the reversals is up to you.

When the cards are laid out, address each one and acknowledge how they make you feel, and what kind of emotions or ideas come up. If you are already familiar with the cards and their assigned meanings, draw from that knowledge, and/or look up the interpretations of others. The relationship between cards can carry more significance than the meanings of the cards in isolation. The cards are very useful for helping to notice how you are currently framing your life, and for bringing up tucked away anxiety, hopes and desire. Take what you can from the reading, and discard the unnecessary.


Take a moment to thank the deck, and yourself. Reshuffle the cards and return them to their resting pace. Now go do what you want!

The Cards

These cards are arranged according to their historically assigned card numbers, with the Fool being #0, and the World being #21. The Minor Arcana are listed here in this order: Wands, Swords, Cups, Pentacles. There is a brief description of the meanings and symbolism of each card, along with the reversed meanings, some words on my process while designing the cards, and perhaps a relevant quote or three. Enjoy!

The Jester / Madman / Beggar / sasuraibito [wanderer]

The fool is at the beginning of our journey. While we’ll commonly see being/acting a fool as a bad thing, in this sense that is not so. The fool has beginner’s mind, has no strings attached, and is free of fear and preconception. He is the wanderer, childlike and innocent, able to take risks and be spontaneous. The fool can represent a fresh start, a new path or beginning, and great potential. He is the spirit in search of experience, open and unaware of his own supposed limitations. Significant change may be coming. Take risks. Confront fears. Embrace the unknown.

Reversed: Beware of getting stuck in old habits and patterns of thought and being afraid of the unknown. Conversely, do not be overly reckless or foolhardy, trampling on yourself or others.

“If your mind is empty, it is always ready for anything, it is open to everything. In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s mind there are few. ” -Shunryu Suzuki


The Magus / Juggler

The magician is a skilled architect and manipulator, in total control of his environment and surroundings. This card evokes talent, power, artistry and control. The Magician is capable and has the skills and knowledge to manifest his desired outcome. He is focused, determined, confident and precise. He is resourceful and aware of his surroundings, and has the creativity, energy and capacity to shape himself, others, and the situation to his will. This card is one of action and initiative. The Magician is commonly shown, wand in right hand pointed to the sky, left hand pointing downwards, demonstrating his ability to bridge the gap between heaven and Earth. This is similar to the Buddha’s earth touching mudra. The Magician card is one of great personal power and self-determination.

Reversed: Watch out for empty promises, false possibilities, misunderstandings, and lack of substance. While the magician is dextrous and in control, he is also an illusionist, skilled in misdirection and smoke and mirrors.

“Artists use lies to tell the truth. Yes, I created a lie. But because you believed it, you found something true about yourself.”

-Alan Moore, V for Vendetta


The High Priestess

Artemis / Persephone / Isis. I know her as the Witch.

The High Priestess is the archetype of the Feminine Divine. She is otherworldly, full of magic and mystery, wise and intuitive. She has sound judgment and common sense, and is in tune with personal truth. She is serene and introspective. The High Priestess represents love, relationships, mystical vision. In lieu of the scroll that she is commonly shown holding, she cradles an owl – a symbol of wisdom of the natural world. She is full of secrets, and holds onto and dispenses them at will. She can make the impossible possible. She can represent the perfect woman in your life, and can also represent being happily independent without a mate.

Reversed: Lack of trust in intuition + subconscious reality. A need to listen to your inner voice. Watch out for hidden agendas.

“A witch ought never be frightened in the darkest forest … because she should be sure in her soul that the most terrifying thing in that forest is her.” -Terry Pratchett


Demeter / Freyja

The Empress is the Mother figure: strong, protective, nurturing and powerful. She represents love, lust, sexuality, pleasure and fertility. She is the giver and creator, abundant in health, sensuality, material prosperity, satisfaction and delight. She is caring and compassionate, and fiercely loyal. She symbolizes nature, physical attraction, and comfort. The Empress is sensual and harmonious. She is commonly shown sitting on a throne within a field of wheat, wearing a starry crown and holding a scepter. My Empress sits directly in the field of wheat, the 12 stars in her crown representing dominance over the year, and instead of a scepter, she holds herself. She is sometimes associated with art, business, and the germination of ideas. The Mother card may literally mean a mother, and her children may be literal children, but your children may also be your projects, ideas, or way of being. This is a card of opportunity and gestation.

Reversed: Reversed, this card can indicate neglect: a lack of attention, affection or protection. A creative block. Alternately, the Mother may be overprotective or overly possessive.

“Take your pleasure seriously.” — Charles Eames


The King / Boss / Dom

The Emperor is the archetype of male energy: the authority figure, ruler, ego. He may represent a father figure. He is in a position of power, and maintains his power with experience, organization, structure, and discipline. Stern, rigid and commanding, he is a protector and a defender. He is respected. The Emperor is successful, and is of high status. He functions within order, tradition, and the establishment. He is strong, conservative and inflexible. He has common sense, and the strong desire to be in control and to rule over his surroundings. He represents rules and regulations, and the status quo. Beware with this one because the ego can get kind of out of control.

Reversed: Inconsistency, unpredictability, childishness.

“Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.” — Michael Scott, the Office


The High Priest / Pope / Shaman.

The High Priest represents accepted belief systems, tradition, organized religion and group consciousness. He is the figurehead of orthodox theology and social convention. His religion is traditional, conservative, ritualistic and of the institution. While charitable and kind, respectful and formal, he is also in a seat of power and high-standing, with motives of his own. The Hierophant’s right hand is often raised in blessing, sacred texts clutched in his left. He can both enlighten, and deceive. Question your idols, your sources, and your beliefs. Where do you place your faith?

Reversed: Rules without knowledge, ego w/out guidance. Inflexibility and broken institution

“If you meet the Buddha, kill the Buddha.” — Gautama Siddharta



The Lovers, as you may imagine, signify love, relationships – romantic or otherwise, physical attraction, and choice. The Lovers stand for desire, passion, harmony, pleasure, sexuality, and connection. There is romantic love, platonic love, altruistic love. Along with desire there is impulse, temptation, doubt, and dilemma. There is chemistry. Communication is very important to this card. Union, passion, sexuality, pleasure, humanism, desire, personal belief. Individual values, physical attraction, connection. This card presents you with the power of your choice. It suggests taking action that makes us feel whole, and being with those who make us feel whole. Lovers, friends, adversaries – each one teaches us, each one stretches us. This card is a reminder that we need others to become fully human, and that we don’t exist in isolation.

Reversed: Reversed, this card may signify miscommunication or a relationship break.

“There is no shame in being hungry for another person.” — Augusten Burroughs


The Warrior

The Chariot card signifies victory over your opposition. Through strength of will, determination, self-confidence and control you will succeed in your campaign. This card represents a battle that can be won. Being a battle — the tactics are militaristic, and you need bravery, conviction and discipline to lead to eventual success and recognition. If you have a current obstacle, this card can be a suggestion to brace yourself, hold steady and power your way through the conflict.

Reversed: Defeat, lack of control.

“Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.” — Ron Swanson


The Lion Tamer

The Strength card signifies firm, but gentle dominance. This isn’t strength in the literal muscular sense, but strength of mind and character, and the hidden power of vulnerability and compassion. This card often illustrates a woman demonstrating control over a lion, with kindness, composure, slow gentleness — and softness. The Strength card represents patience, self-control, stability and discipline. It may suggest a challenging situation that will require a soft, but strong approach to resolution.

Reversed: A reversed Strength card suggests a lack of passion. Fear, timidity, a weak will and impatience leave the lion untamed.

“Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon. So relax.” — Bryant McGill


The Homebody / The Seeker

The Hermit is on a personal truth-seeking quest. She spends time alone, soul-searching and turning inward to find deeper understanding. She is a shamanistic hero, finding answers in silence. Embrace reflection, solitude and introspection. Maybe turn off your internet for a day, or forever [haha, just kidding!]. The Hermit withdraws from society to better know herself. She then must return from isolation to share her new-found knowledge. The Hermit is often shown with a walking stick, lifting a lantern to find the way. My Hermit is a lone hiker, probably somewhere in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Reversed: There is a danger of tipping over into prolonged isolation, paranoia, loneliness, and losing grip on reality.

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.” — Ram Dass


Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is the card of destiny, and signifies an element of change, for example: a change in position, fortune, or mindset. This turning point is an opportunity, and holds great possibility. This is the fate card, the destiny card. It invites you to allow for forces beyond your control. This could be a sudden expansion, a big development, or unexpected events. This is a card of action, expansion, speed and change. The Wheel often is marked with the letters: R – O – T – A / T – A – R – O, which stand for the elements: earth, air, fire and water.

Reversed: bad luck, misfortune. The Wheel may not be turning, in which case you need to be the agent of change.

“See it for what it is, not what you want it to be.” — Sonya Teclai



The Justice card concerns the law, both of state and of spirit. It’s a reminder to be lawful and fair, and asks for impartiality, objectivity and cold analysis. This is the card of the stoic. It is critical, distant and intellectual — rational, logical and moral. It can be clever and insensitive. I am reminded of the weighing of souls against a feather, and also of the sword of Damocles. As with all of these cards, Justice concerns balance. What does it mean for something to be fair?

Reversed: Injustice, unfairness, imbalance. Getting too much or too little of what you need. Justice needs righting, something in the world is out of balance.

“What you allow is what will continue.” — Azgraybebly Josland


The Hanged Man is trapped in temporary suspension. He is alive, but with his life on hold. Notice that his expression is not one of pain, but of blissful trance. He is accepting and surrendering to his current predicament, and in this sacrifice a new point of view is available. He is literally looking at the world upside-down. Things may not meet your expectations, but what exists may be even better. This card suggests patience, through which a great awakening or shift in perspective is possible. The Hanged Man represents inner harmony and letting go, and recognizes that this discomfort is temporary and will pass.

Reversed: Stubbornness, selfishness, refusing to give up perspective to gain new insight. Conformism, non-action, waiting, giving up.

“We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are.”


This is the card of letting go. The Death card is one of major transformation. Rarely representing a literal death, this card does suggest an ending, a new beginning, and the opportunity for huge growth and transcendence. Loss, sadness, and grief are present, and good byes and letting go may be necessary. The ending here may signify the end of a relationship, an interest, or an old way of thinking. There is huge potential here for increased self-awareness, and the clearing out of the old is necessary in making space for the new.

Reversed: There is blocked grief and clinging. Something that should have come to an end persists. Everything must come to an end, whether quietly or being drawn out. Which would you prefer?

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“Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop.” — Rumi

“I know this transformation is painful, but you’re not falling apart; you’re just falling into something different, with a new capacity to be beautiful.”

— William C. Hannan


Temperance is the card of balance and the middle way. The card of harmony, moderation, equilibrium, and health. The joining of forces, and bringing together of extremes. It is the card of recovery, security, and well-being. This card commonly shows a hermaphroditic angel, showing a balance between genders, and pouring liquid from one vessel to another: sometimes water into wine, sometimes cold water into hot. This is a blending / synthesis of opposites.

Reversed: Imbalance

“Your hand opens and closes, opens and closes. If it were always a fist or always stretched open, you would be paralyzed. Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expanding, the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated as birds’ wings.” — Rumi


The Devil represents desire, earthly needs, lust and the attraction of material pleasure. The devil is highly seductive, and the danger here is in giving into desire to the detriment of your health, growth, and the impact on yourself and those you love. Addiction and compulsive behaviors are risks of overindulgence. The Devil’s temptation will appear as your great desires. The Devil is everything you want, but in imbalance. The Devil can lead to vice, weak-will, anxiety, depression, anger, doubt, pessimism and ignorance. On the flip side, fear of the Devil will result in becoming too controlled, calculated and dispassionate, restricting you from possibility and any pleasure.

Reversed: Escape from fear, not giving into detrimental temptation. Shrug off the Devil, as you are stronger.

“Mind. A beautiful servant. A dangerous master.” — Osho


The Tower card is a violent one. Often showing a tree or man-made tower being struck by lightning, the event is catastrophic and foundation-shaking. This card suggests disaster, sudden change, and disruption. It can mean danger, crisis, chaos and hard times. It may be uncomfortable. The Tower suggests an explosive transformation, which can lead to disillusionment and an ego-blow. But this also offers up liberation from old structures, and revelation and freedom. The discomfort here comes from reality not conforming to expectation. You may need a new approach to thinking about a problem.

Reversed: No destruction, tower remains standing. What was will continue.

“For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction.” — Cynthia Occelli


The Astronomer / the Navigator / the Explorer

The Star is full of hope, joy, lightheartedness and free-flowing love. It is optimistic, trusting, excited and inspired. The explorer is open-minded, serene and generous. As the card directly after the Tower, the Star represents the calm after the storm.

Reversed: feeling lost, a promise or hope may be false “What would you ask for, if you knew the answer was Yes?”


The Moon card is considered romantic and beautiful, yet a poor light source. As such, it is considered to be full of illusion and prone to fantasy. This card is associated with sleep patterns, and dreams. So: fabrication, deception and a lack of clarity. The moon is also associated with your shadow self, and tendencies to project your fears and insecurities onto others. Examine your ideals to see if they are unrealistic. Use intuition and creativity as your guides. Things may not be as they appear, so cross-examine assumptions.

Reversed: Intuition, creativity and sexuality may be blocked

“You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather.”Pema Chödrön


The Sun is hot and blinding in its clarity. This card indicates success, joy, warmth and happiness. It is simple, brilliant, enthusiastic, and indicative of good things and positive outcomes. This card indicates attained knowledge, personal power, and enlightenment.

Reversed: Coming to the wrong conclusion, lack of clarity

“Life is so damn short. For fuck’s sake, just do what makes you happy.


The Judgment card represents knowing what you want, and taking responsibility for your actions and life. It is a card of rebirth, a new beginning, and an accepting of past mistakes/actions. Judgment is a card of release, and reconciliation. It is an inner calling, and possibly a signal of impeding judgment, such as that of postponed decisions. This card is commonly illustrated with an angel blowing a trumpet, and delivering judgment onto those below. I chose to paint a woman emerging from a pile of blankets, like an insect out of a cocoon. She is the master and judge of her own transformation.

Reversed: Taking on burdens. Being haunted by and clinging to the past.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” — Socrates

“There will be a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning.” — Louis L’Amour


The World represents the fulfillment and the successful completion of a cycle. This card shows up when the world is ready for you and wants what you have to offer. This is the last card in the Major Arcana, and as such signifies wholeness, satisfaction, and accomplishment. Prosperity and contentedness.

Reversed: Stuck in comfort zones, incomplete projects. Need to finish what you start.

“You are the universe, expressing itself as a human for a little while.”


Wands – Cups – Swords — Pentacles

WANDS – fire, creativity

ACE OF WANDSBeginning, Creativity, Adventure

Embarking on a new adventure: it’s exciting, stimulating, and just a little scary. I chose to illustrate this card with a wand used similarly to a paintbrush or pencil, resting in the middle of a labyrinth. You hold the instrument, and are in control of where this journey leads; you are the author of your story. This card signifies the beginning of an adventure, and the invitation for fun and discovery. Have confidence, and be fearless in your creative exploration!

Reversed: You may not know what it is that you want, or are having a hard time with creativity. Maybe you’re stuck in old patterns of thinking; here is an invitation to try something new, and get out of your comfort zone. Feel free to explore and play noncommittally, and maybe take yourself less seriously.

TWO OF WANDSConfidence, Being True to Yourself, Discovery

In the background I have a Vegvísir, an Icelandic protective and guiding symbol. This card points to travel, and making bold decisions. The two wands entwined over each other are meant to show finding and gaining strength from yourself. Listen to your inner voice, find your authenticity, originality and personal power.

Reversed: You may feel lost, without a plan. Check back in with yourself and start from the beginning: where do you want to go? You may be afraid of the unknown. You don’t need to be.

THREE OF WANDSLeadership, Foresight, Exploration

Looking to the future, laying a foundation, expanding horizons. In this card I show a simple bound teepee structure and a bright horizon. Along with the previous two Wand cards, the Three of Wands is setting you up for an adventure. Setting you up with a fire and shelter so you can explore from a place of stability.

Reversed: There may be hiccups in your journey. Don’t take failure as a sign to turn back, or give up.

“Sucking at something is the first step to becoming sorta good at something” — Jake the Dog

FOUR OF WANDSCelebration, Happiness, Freedom

The lucky card in the deck! This card shows a stable structure floating in a starry sky. It is time to enjoy the results of your hard work, to celebrate a milestone, anniversary or to just have a party! This is a super positive card, one indicating joy and fun. The structure with its four sides resembles a home: this card concerns your home life and environment.

Reversed: There is some instability in your personal life, look for weaknesses in the foundation and work on repairing those.

FIVE OF WANDSTension, Competition, Conflict

There is confusion, and communication difficulties. There are butting heads and experiencing discomfort and frustration. There may be many different viewpoints and ideas in play. The five wands on this card are bursting into flame from the friction! This card can be a call for patience, and a willingness to listen to different opinions. Alternately, you can choose to embrace the friction as a necessity to create a fire: the high energy and many voices/viewpoints are necessary and work together.

Reversed: An avoidance of obstacles, possibly to your detriment.

SIX OF WANDSVictory, Acclaim, Success

Enjoying recognition and compliments. External validation. Self-esteem and pride. The six wands point chin-up to the bright sun, and a circular rainbow [a sun halo]. The wands are flowering and beautiful and proud. Love yourself! And pat yourself on the back for the results of your hard work. While this card asks you to recognize your self-worth, be wary of self-importance and a bloated ego.

Reversed: Your confidence might be weak, or you might not be receiving the praise that you think you deserve (see the uplifting music video: Give Me Compliments). Be wary of the need for external validation.

SEVEN OF WANDSHolding ground, Taking a stand, Showing resolution

This is another card of tension, and suggests courage and strength to stick to your guns. I’ve shown one of the seven wands as having become an Axe, as becoming and displaying its own power. Notice however that the Axe is not currently chopping. Stand your ground but withhold violence unless absolutely necessary. I threw the spider in because I thought it was cute.

Reversed: Being an Axe, you are on the defensive and see enemies and conflict at every turn, or are feeling especially vulnerable to criticism or judgment.

EIGHT OF WANDSAction, Speed, Focus, Messages

When it’s time to act, if your arrows are ready and your mind is clear, do not hesitate. This is a card of high energy and motion, and an invitation for you to act. Also, possibly, future air-travel! I chose to portray these wands as arrows, fast-flying and true to their aim. This card to me illustrates being in the “zone:” once your foundation is strong and your muscles practiced, you can act with efficiency, and without effort. See: Zen in the Art of Archery, by Eugen Herrigel.

Reversed: Things are either delayed, or actions are being taken without proper foresight or training.

NINE OF WANDSPersistence, Stamina, Holding fast

You may have been through some shit, and are a little beaten up, but stay strong. Be resilient and breathe, you are almost to a place of respite and recovery.

Reversed: Fear may be getting the better of you. It’s understandable, after surviving trauma and hardship. Remember our tendency to overestimate how bad things will be, and underestimate how likely good things will happen. Hang in there, and try not to cling to past suffering.

TEN OF WANDSOverworking, Taking on too many burdens, Struggle

The man on this card feels the weight of a huge burden. This can be caused by giving too much, being a yes-(wo)man, and a need to please others. You may be feeling weighed down by obligations and like you’re swimming upstream. This surplus of responsibility can be noble, or unnecessary – pay attention to what’s weighing you down and if it really needs to take up space in your mind. With great responsibility comes great weight. Beware of burnout and depression. Be kind to yourself, reevaluate your priorities and say no to the unnecessary. For the necessary burdens, stick with it – you can probably manage more than you know.

Reversed: You can either drop a lot of this weight, or you are avoiding taking on responsibility.

PAGE OF WANDSConfidence, Enthusiasm, Charm

This card is full of youthful, optimistic and creative energy. It can represent a catalyst for change. The young woman I’ve illustrated here is bright-eyed, inspired, and wears a flame insignia on her chest. Her hair is also fire-like. Think of your creative spirit as a fire – therefore, it needs fuel – wood. Throw some wood on your fire! What inspires you, and gets you all worked up? Go get you some more of that. As a Page, this card can also signify a messenger, the arrival of news.

Reversed: You may be hitting stumbling blocks in your creative ventures. The projects you’ve decided to take on may be more difficult than you expected. You may not believe you are a creative person or an “artist.” Don’t let your self-talk define who you are, or aren’t.

KNIGHT OF WANDSEnergetic, Charming, Self-confident, Risky

The Knight of Wands is seductive and disarming, and s/he knows it. They are adventurous and spontaneous, with contagious energy. They want to be in the middle of the action, danger be damned! He’s a man of action, and signifies that your creative endeavors are going full-speed ahead!

Reversed: The Knight of Wands can be overly arrogant, cocky and annoying. In their ambition they may be reckless or hotheaded. Be careful of being drawn into the Knight’s more dangerous tendencies, and of exhibiting them yourself.

QUEEN OF WANDSIndependent, Strong, Charismatic, Positive

Honest and open, she is fearless in asking for and getting what she wants. The black cat is usually associated with this card, pointing towards the occult and independence. The broken infinity symbol is one of my own, to me meaning acceptance over the impermanence of things, and with that acceptance, a fiery joy and appreciation over the now. This Queen, like the Magician, is master of her universe.

Reversed: A lack in confidence, a drain of creative energy.

KING OF WANDSCharismatic, Bold, Forceful

The King of Wands is a great communicator. He is creative, inspiring, and a natural leader. This person is visionary and disciplined, looking at the long-term and eagerly accepting challenges. I’ve illustrated this King as intelligent and good-tempered, always with a little bit of a smile. Branches seem to be growing from his torso, indicating his infectious optimism. A planet and stars drift in the background, pointing an eye towards the large picture.

Reversed: In reverse, the goal-oriented King of Wands can be rather negative. In business, he may be ruthless and unfeeling, or abusive with his power. Alternately, as the King, you may not be as confident in your vision as you could be. Don’t be afraid to adapt his admirable qualities.

CUPS – water, emotion

ACE OF CUPSLove, Emotional intelligence, Compassion

This card shows a teacup, full and overflowing with tea. It indicates your capacity for giving and receiving love. This card points to the possibility of love – be it romantic, or otherwise. The focus here is on intuition, empathy, and kindness, as well as attraction and affection. The cups center around feelings and spirituality, so trust your gut, and listen to your heart.

Reversed: Don’t let your feelings dominate you. Alternately, you may be too repressed. Seek balance.

TWO OF CUPSAttraction, Bonding, Teamwork, Collaboration

This card is full of positive feelings and happiness! The illustration here is of two people enacting a pinkie swear/promise, sealing a pact. The lotuses are a symbol of peace and connection. The Two of Cups is the Minor Arcana equivalent to the Lovers, and therefore suggests strong sexual and affectionate energy. This card can indicate the beginning of a relationship, or a truce. Work together, join forces, and find the sum becoming more than its parts.

Reversed: An imbalanced relationship, or a breakup.

THREE OF CUPSFriendship, Community, Celebration

This is the friendship card, representing all of the awesome, positive energy that comes from being part of a group. This could be a close-knit group of friends, or a larger community – but the positive feelings are the same: feeling like you belong, feeling loved, secure, supported, and cherished. The Three of Cups represents trust, being a good neighbor, and the two-way street in taking care of one another.

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Reversed: Conflict within a group; feelings of isolation or mistrust.

FOUR OF CUPSDepression, Stubbornness, Small-thinking

The illustration shows a woman with closed eyes, willfully shutting herself off to the world, unaware of the four delicious cups of coffee (or your beverage of choice) mysteriously hovering off to the side. This card represents sadness, disinterest, apathy, self-absorption, and internal retreat. This could be a temporary intentional shutting-off of others: a time for introspection and meditation. But it could also mean giving a cold shoulder, withholding love, and being selfish. An opportunity may be just around the corner, or right in front of you, you may just be looking in the wrong direction.

Reversed: You may be in a rut, but good news – with some effort, you can get out of it. Reach out to others and take hold of opportunities you may not have noticed.

FIVE OF CUPSLoss, Sadness, Despair, Regret

The woman on the card is standing in hip-deep water, dark clouds overhead, three overturned cups in front of her. However, not all is lost; behind her two cups remain upright and a bit of rainbow is visible. This card carries feelings of guilt, shame, remorse, and emptiness. It’s full of emotional pain, but it is not hopeless.

Reversed: You may be clinging too strongly to the pain. You can look back on past sadness and now move on. You will be able to start taking risks again, and see that past loss hasn’t broken you.

SIX OF CUPSInnocence, Wonder, Curiosity

This card shows a young person looking up in awe at the flowers and butterflies overhead. The plants sprout from his/her chest. The six of cups is all about finding beauty and magic in your surroundings — and in yourself; they are interconnected. This card is youthfully optimistic, full of naïveté — with open eyes, an open mind — enthusiastic and joyful. Take time to play here. Be kind and generous. This card can sometimes indicate a child or the birth of a baby.

Reversed: You may be maintaining unrealistic viewpoints from your childhood. You may be oversimplifying things, and experiencing disappointment at life not being what you imagined it would be as a child. This card could indicate difficulty with fertility, or child-raising, or with past trauma experienced while young.

SEVEN OF CUPSWishful thinking, Options, Fantasy, Illusion

The woman on this card is confronted with many options, having difficulty making a decision. She’s surrounded by clouds, interfering with judgment. Some cups are dangerous, some are beautiful, some are both. This card suggests overwhelm, and the seduction of fantasy. While dreaming big is important, don’t let that suck up all of your time – choose a direction and start taking steps in the physical world to make it a reality.

Reversed: You may be lacking focus and commitment, believing in limitless possibilities, procrastinating, becoming disorganized and/or lazy. Beware addictive patterns, neglecting health, and eating/drinking/partying to excess. Maybe give social media a break.

“You can do anything, but not everything.” — David Allen

EIGHT OF CUPSExhaustion, Disappointment, Release

This card indicates feelings of emotional exhaustion, burn-out, abandonment, and withdrawal. It could mean the start of a journey of discovery, spurred by over-extending yourself. There may be a need to let go of material possessions to seek deeper meaning You might be giving too much, not getting enough in return, feeling tired and listless. It may be time to let go and abandon a hopeless situation, or any old ideas that are dragging you down. I find that in the past in times of stress, I cut my hair. I feel like I’m actually disposing of the past, the extra weight, the dry ends, the old me. This is akin to shedding your skin, to make room for new growth, for reinvention and a feeling of lightness.

Reversed: Being stuck in the past, unable to let go. Procrastination can manifest as physical clutter, pushing things off to the side to be dealt with later.

NINE OF CUPSWish Fulfilled, Sensuality, Satisfaction

This is the wish card: pulling this card means your wish will come true! The woman on this card is reveling in and finding massive pleasure in her body. This card is an invitation to treat yo self! And to explore what feels good. The Nine of Cups represents achieving your desire, getting what you want and having your dream come true. This comes along with feelings of satisfaction, pride, contentment, and sensual pleasure. Appreciate your body, the arts, relax, make love, and enjoy physical exertion. This card invites you to seek out what delights you, and to take your pleasure seriously.

Reversed: Something is getting in the way of having your desires met. What is it? Alternately, self-love may turn into greed; be careful that you’re not negatively impacting others (or yourself) with your pleasure-seeking.

TEN OF CUPSFamily, Security, Happiness

I’ve illustrated the scene on this card to reflect my happy place: being with friends/family under the stars, in front of a campfire. This card indicates feeling at home and at ease, bonding and enjoying peace. This card is full of good fortune, happiness, and love.

Delight in your well-being and the friends and family that surround you. This card can also call for forgiveness, rebuilding, and calling a truce.

Reversed: A possible work/life imbalance where the home/family life is being neglected. Put in time and energy where you want to flourish.

PAGE OF CUPSEmotional, Intuitive, Intimate, Loving

Thoughtful, Sentimental, Romantic: in some decks this card is shown as cupid. The young woman on this card holds a key, showing that her heart is easy-access. Feelings flow easily for her, and she is good at listening to her heart and gut. This card could indicate the advancement of a relationship, or the suggestion to be more open and loving – to display acts of affection and generosity.

Reversed: The Page of Cups reversed may exhibit a childlike level of immaturity, or can indicate substance abuse.

KNIGHT OF CUPSSensitive, Poetic, Temperamental

I’ve illustrated the Knight of Cups as a lover of literature and tea, he loves to drown in poetry and drama. He has refined tastes, and a thirsty soul; this is the card of the hopeless romantic. This card may either suggest a person who is overly touchy and melodramatic, or one who needs more fluidity and beauty. He’s introspective and swoons easily. His ability to find beauty in everything is inspiring.

Reversed: The reversed Knight of Cups can be overly emotional and thin-skinned, or living too much in a fantasy world.

QUEEN OF CUPSCompassionate, Loving, Empathetic, Intuitive

The Queen of Cups is a giver, and gives unquestionably. She is emotionally intelligent. The card shows the Queen holding a large cup full of water, in which the stars are reflected. Her well of loving-kindness is seemingly bottomless. The love represented on this card is deep, and unconditional. The energy of this card is wise and mature, unshakably compassionate and kind. The Queen is an empath, in tune with her spirituality and her understanding of the interconnectedness of the world.

Reversed: You may be having a hard time accessing or communicating your emotions. Try and be more like the Queen of Cups, especially in regards to self-talk.

“Do you think I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?” — the 12th Doctor, Dark Water.

KING OF CUPSCaring, Diplomatic, Calm, Tolerant

The King of Cups is emotionally mature, a kind father figure. He is very giving and supportive. On this card he is pouring you a hot mug of something delicious. He is interested in hearing everyone’s opinions and viewpoints, without judgment. He’s relaxed and self-controlled; he probably meditates. I see the King of Cups as a charming world-traveled grandfather, sharp-witted, open-minded and delightful.

Reversed: The Reversed King of Cup’s emotions are poorly-managed: he may be emotionally controlling or abusive, letting his ego get in the way and trampling others to get what he wants. The King needs to take care of his emotions and be careful not to use them to manipulate others.

SWORDS – air, intellect

ACE OF SWORDSTruth, Clarity, Strength of Mind

The Ace of Swords stands for truth, objectivity, seeing through illusions and overcoming obstacles. I show a sword, upright, strong and clear, slicing through a dark fog to reveal a beautiful dawn/dusk sky. The sword is dispelling dualistic black-and-white thinking and exposing subtle shades and colors. Set aside assumptions and gut feelings, to cut towards what is underneath. This card is seeking justice, facing problems, and using critical reasoning to stand up for a cause.

Reversed – confusion, doubt, cloudy judgment, not moving forward, not thinking things through

TWO OF SWORDSDenial, Inaction, Procrastination

The woman on this card has her head down, swords held out in front, blocking her eyesight. A dark crescent moon looms overhead. The Two of Swords warns of willful ignorance. It feels safe to stick to what you already know, to hide uncertainty or weakness, and to close your eyes. By putting on a face, being defensive, and denying your feelings it feels like you can avoid getting hurt. There’s a fear of being wrong or uncool. This card may indicate avoiding a decision that must be made, putting off a choice. A stalemate. What are you protecting here?

Reversed – Indecision, procrastination. Mental/information overload

THREE OF SWORDSHeartbreak, Pain, Sadness

Feeling wronged, stabbed in the back, hurt. This card carries feelings of great loneliness, suffering, rejection, betrayal, separation, and disappointment. You may feel lost, and surprised by the pain. The Three of Swords can either represent a wrong being done to you, or the possibility of you hurting others. Are you hurt, or do you wield the blades?

Reversed: Forgiveness, healing, understanding, moving on.

FOUR OF SWORDSRest, Meditation, Re-calibrating the Mind

Take time for yourself and heal from the wear-and-tear of too much mental noise. This card aligns with the Hermit and the Hanged Man. Empty your mental cup, resist making hasty decisions. Resist the cult of being “busy.” In this card the swords are standing orderly in the ground, pointy ends sheathed. They’re not flung to the side, all willy nilly; neither is the person in meditation lazily sitting around, wasting time. Mindfulness and laziness are very similar. Be mindful, not lazy.

Reversed: Restlessness, overworking, fear of missing out, fear of sitting still. Alternately, being too inactive, listless, unmotivated, uninspired. If you haven’t moved in a long time your mind tells you it’s really difficult to gain traction and momentum. Remember that you can tell your mind what to do. Take little steps. Get back into the fight.

FIVE OF SWORDSSelf-preservation, Self-interest, Conflict

Looking out for yourself, taking up arms, standing up for your personal needs, seeing the world in a me-vs.-”the other” way. Conflict, tension, hostility. The tiny “swords” attached to the fingers here show that your actions have consequences, and by asserting your wants/needs/viewpoint others may be hurt. Sometimes this fear will keep you from sticking up for yourself, in which case pain is still being dealt, just to you. This is not fair either. Use your personal power to stand up for yourself, your loved ones, and your beliefs, while being mindful of the possible pain that you can inflict. Kiki, my cat, keeps her claws in unless she is super pissed – and then, she’s not afraid to use them. Be like Kiki.

Reversed: Recognizing the conflict is not worth it, wanting to be at peace. This may suggest that a conflict is following you around, or persists.

SIX OF SWORDSSadness, depression, Overwhelm

This is a heavy, low-energy card. It feels like you’re barely keeping it together, passing time to pass time, feeling uninspired and overwhelmed. The woman in this card has her face above water, spikes below. The spikes represent difficulty and discomfort that is in the past, but are still fully real in her head. She isn’t actively struggling, but neither is she totally giving in to despair. Things feel neither terrible, nor great. Take Courage. Though things may now look bleak, she is breathing and looking upwards. This card, often showing water, also suggests travel. Perhaps a short trip, a change in location, change in scenery and in ideas. This may be an opportunity for a rite of passage.

Reversed – Having a hard time moving on from past difficulty.

SEVEN OF SWORDSIndependence, Deception, Defiance

The spirit of the Seven of Swords is wanting independence and wanting to do it all on your own. The woman on this card carries seven swords, but the usefulness of having this many weapons on her is questionable. By deciding to go it alone, she may be overburdened by all of the hats she must now wear. She looks defiant but also a little shifty. This card suggests deception, escapism, procrastination, and manipulation. The woman on the card may be sneaking away from something – responsibility, obligations, her team, relationship(s). It may seem the easiest way out, but be wary of the repercussions. The woman on this card could also be someone other than you, in which case be on guard for deceptions against you.

Reversed — Be open to help from others. Something that you have lost will be returned to you.

EIGHT OF SWORDSVictimization, Powerlessness, Discomfort

Feeling trapped, restricted and fenced in. Being overwhelmed, lacking direction, confusion. Feeling victimized and powerless. This card shows a man bound and surrounded by swords. His eyes are closed and he looks uncomfortable. He feels weak, and believes in his powerlessness. Swords, symbolizing intellect, show that the man’s discomfort is self-imposed. Recognize that the restrictions are of your creation, and therefore under your control. He can use his mental swords (intellect) to cut his binds. Reversed: You are finding ways to free yourself of self-imposed restrictions — you’re shrugging off the role of the “victim” and are regaining control.

NINE OF SWORDSAngst, Stress, Overthinking

Decisions, decisions, worry, worry. This is a super angsty card, full of emotional turmoil and unhappiness, stress and insomnia. Running over the past, endlessly replaying regret or playing out the infinite variations of an uncertain future — reaches a point where it does not serve you. Can you get out of your head and more into your body? Anxiety, despair, having difficulty juggling all of your thoughts. Overwhelm. Guilt. Card of caution. This card is a reminder that a lot of your suffering is intellectually-rooted.

Reversed – The same meaning as upright, only more severe. Alternately, you may be working on getting out of this suffering.

TEN OF SWORDSSacrifice, Victim mentality, Hopelessness

Reaching the bottom, feeling victimized, being a martyr. There is nowhere to go from here but up. Is it really this bad? The situation may feel hopeless — the worst. The man on this card lies prone, shot through with ten airy swords. It may feel like the end, but again, the swords are a symbol for thoughts and ideas. This card is similar to the death card, but very rarely points to a literal death. It may be painful, but this low is temporary, and allows you to build from the ground up, and clears the way for new, until now unforeseeable possibilities. The man on this card believes that his problems are unique to him, and that his situation is unjust. This card suggests stepping back and searching for the bigger picture. Things are probably not as bad as they seem.

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Reversed – Indicates the end of a mindset or belief system, or the pushing back against loss.

PAGE OF SWORDSHonesty, Integrity, Optimism

Messenger for future challenges. Stay clear, look problems right in the eye, and keep a strong mind. The young woman on this car stands tall, keeps integrity and approaches things honestly. Use reason and have resilience. She approaches conflict with an optimistic, adventurous spirit. Energetic. The multiple eye motifs on her cape reinforce the virtue of keeping your eyes clear and open to new ideas. The birds in the background symbolize high ideals, freedom, and grand aspirations.

Reversed – The youth of the page may indicate acting quickly, without the appropriate foresight. Be mindful of your words and actions as you excitedly tackle your projects.

KNIGHT OF SWORDSFrank, Logical, Swift, Tactless

Though perhaps not the most tactful, she is frank and clear about her actions, and moves swiftly to cut through bullshit to get stuff done. She works logically, à la Spock. Intelligent, authoritative and blunt. Action-oriented, aggressive, can be a bit of a know-it-all. Ambitious.

Reversed – Acting too hastily, recklessly, getting tunnel-visioned. In a quest to fulfill an intellectual pursuit, are you hurting others? Your words are sharp, are you using them well?

QUEEN OF SWORDSIntelligent, Realistic, Honest

The Queen of Swords is staring directly into the sword’s edge, holding it in reverence. She holds honesty and truth above all. She is intelligent, witty (sharp), straightforward and level-headed. She wants everything out in the open, and does not shirk from the truth, even when uncomfortable. I illustrated this Queen unadorned. She’s down to earth and can be quite funny. She’s a realist and a problem solver.

Reversed: This is a suggestion to be more like the Queen of Swords, to keep your wits about you and use logic to solve your current problems. Try to be as clear as possible in your communication with others, and learn to be okay with discomfort or fear of hurting others’ feelings. In short, be wary of being a people-pleaser.

KING OF SWORDSUpfront, Intelligent, Honest, Fair

The King of Swords is a problem solver, a good communicator, and holds everyone to high standards. This King can represent a lawyer, adviser or guide, with an intelligent, impartial stance. I chose to illustrate a young King, to suggest a young, curious mind. He rests on an old sword, clearly used, probably an inheritance. He respects the wisdom of those who came before, while also looking ahead to forge new ideas for the present. He dresses humbly, with the exception of the night sky peeking through as the inner lining of his cape.

Reversed – A lack of honesty or clarity, poor communication or questionable morality.

PENTACLES – Earth, material prosperity

ACE OF PENTACLESProsperity, Practicality, the Physical World

The promise of physical prosperity – the Ace of Pentacles represents a seed that has been planted which will result in tangible security. This card recommends foundation-building, setting the stage for good things to come in your future. Growth, prosperity, nature, being down-to-earth. This isn’t a card about daydreaming and fantasy, it is a card for doing. Do something today for your future self, s/he will thank you, be it doing something good for your body, feeding your mind, investing, building something physical. This is a good card for business and entrepreneurship.

Reversed – Lack of planning, possible lost opportunity. Be careful not to take on more than for which you are ready, or expect wealth to simply come to you without work.

TWO OF PENTACLESBalance, Flexibility, Fun

This card shows two orbs being juggled, encircled with buttercups. This is a card about balance – it takes skill to juggle and take care of multiple facets of a project at a time, but it’s also enjoyable, and beautiful when everything is working in order and coming together. Being adaptable and flexible in dealing with business makes you more resilient. Working with grace and efficiency can make work enjoyable. This is a card full of confidence and excitement when it comes to challenges and opportunity.

Reversed: Imbalance, disorganization, difficulty with money. Work/life imbalance, overspending, putting your energy in the wrong places. If you’re juggling, it might feel like the balls are all over the place and you can’t keep up. Step back, make a plan, pick up the pieces, and get back to it!

THREE OF PENTACLESTeamwork, Cooperation, Communication

This card illustrates the value of working together. Communication is key is setting expectations, organizing resources, following a schedule, and completing projects. I illustrated this card with a blueprint-like model of a pyramid, with the hands of three separate people taking part in the building of an enterprise with substance. Specializing and combining forces with other experts can result in an outcome that is more than the sum of its creators’ contributions.

Reversed: Disharmony, conflict, difficulty within a team.

FOUR OF PENTACLESGreed, Stubbornness, Clinging

I call this the Gollum card. The illustration shows a man greedily hoarding four large gold discs, clinging to the objects of his desire. His eyes are closed off and his mind is set. While in a positive light this card highlights the value of being conservative with money, the warning is about Ego, and wanting to possess and maintain control. The man wants to be in charge, set the rules, and is resistant to change. Now that he has what he wants, he naturally wants everything to stay the same. This can lead to stagnation and discomfort, not to mention making it difficult for everyone who has to deal with him. This card is about the belief that once you can grasp what you want most, you’re golden. But the reality is that nothing lasts forever, and this clinging can cause more suffering. Absolutely enjoy material comfort when you have it, but don’t take it for granted and don’t be a two-year-old. Unless you are a two-year-old. In which case, you’re lucky you’re cute.

Reversed: Overly materialistic, valuing money and objects more than relationships. The meaning is the same as in the upright position, only moreso. Fear of losing what you already have can prevent you from taking risks, or seeing potential.

FIVE OF PENTACLESLoss, Hard Times, Insecurity

The woman on this card is sullen, weak, hungry. In front of her is a sad-looking plant, growing out of the cold, hard ground. However, five bright stars shine overhead: these symbolize sources of support and warmth – they may not be right in front of you, but if you go looking, they exist. This card represents a rough patch, and can indicate feelings of rejection, exclusion, disapproval, and a lack of support. Physically, it may point to ill health, and a refusal or unwillingness to take care of your body. This is a card of poverty: financially, bodily, emotionally. Times are hard, and it sucks. BUT it is temporary, so either look outwards and seek the help of others, or turn inwards and find new resources from which to draw yourself out of this funk.

Reversed: This reversal suggests that a period of strife is over or nearing an end. Things are getting better.

SIX OF PENTACLESGiving/Receiving, Have/Have Not, Dom/Submitting

An exchange of some kind takes place on this card. It appears that some substance is being passed from one individual’s mouth to the other’s. You will either receive or give something of great value. The black line symbolizes this gift: money, knowledge, assistance, power. At first glance it appears that the person on top is the giver, and the person below, the receiver. But is this really the case? Teachers learn from students. This card is an invitation to question our assumptions about the appearance of balance. There is a subtle interplay between the giver and the taker. Who are you in this equation? Be generous with and open to receiving great gifts of wisdom, time, and energy.

Reversed: A role as a giver or taker is too imbalanced. The danger is in giving so much that you’re prone to being taken advantage of, or in taking more than your share – getting into debt or becoming a burden. In a relationship this could mean one partner is doing a lopsided amount of work.

SEVEN OF PENTACLESVision, Perseverance, Reward

The woman on this card stands in her garden admiring the flowers that she has nurtured. This card indicates prosperity and a return on your investments – either financial, material, or emotional. Hard work, patience, and persistence will pay off and this card indicates the result of your energy. Now is the time to rest and take stock of where you are, and to decide where to go from here. This is a time for reflection, and enjoyment. What have you learned and how will you use this new knowledge to plan out where to go next?

Reversed: Perhaps you aren’t quite seeing how your efforts are panning out, or are unsure that you’re investing your time, money, and energy properly. Pay attention to what is working for you, and what isn’t, and don’t be afraid to drop what isn’t getting you closer to your goals.

EIGHT OF PENTACLESDiligence, Knowledge, Effort

On this card is a monk-ish figure, absorbed in a pile of books, hungry for knowledge and putting in the time and energy to consume it. This is a card of hard work, and painstaking research. Lock into what you want – learn a new skill, take on a new responsibility, knock something off your bucket list — and put in the time and effort to make it happen – find satisfaction and pleasure in extraordinary effort. Find the “zone.” This is a time for being painstaking, hyper focused, taking great care to pay attention to detail. The hardest part is just starting. Set a timer, and study / work / explore for just15 minutes to start. I find that “Motivation” doesn’t just happen; once the work begins, then the motivation comes.

Reversed: By focusing on working hard, you may become tunnel-visioned. Be wary of becoming a perfectionist (letting “perfect” be the enemy of “good”), or a micro-manager. Be careful not to become burnt out – take care of yourself while you are being a bad ass.

NINE OF PENTACLESIndependence, Willpower, Grace

The woman on this card is self-assured, disciplined, calm and strong. She has an open eye above her head, symbolizing a clear vision. Her clothing is fine, she sports a necklace of pentacles, and a falcon familiar is perched on her shoulder. The bird of prey suggests discipline and control over base instincts, powerful and dangerous, but under control. The Nine of Pentacles is a card of great personal discipline. Be clear about your wants and needs, and firm with your boundaries. The falcon-woman duo has reached a point of financial/emotional independence from which they can now pursue “finer” things. From this level of comfort comes an invitation to seek out luxury, comfort, culture, spirituality, philosophy, rest. Also, gratitude.

Reversed: Be careful of overindulging in “luxury,” remember there is a balance. Alternately, if you are unused to treating yourself, it may be difficult for you to give up work and take a relaxing break to reward yourself

TEN OF PENTACLESWealth, Success, Stability

This is a card of great fortune and prosperity. It commonly shows a nuclear family, affluent and secure. I’ve illustrated a somewhat silly ideal-to-me grouping of a couple plus canine companion, finding strength and balance. This card signifies having “made it” materially, and enjoying stability and comfort. As the 10 in the suit of Pentacles, this card comes after trials, hardship, work and effort, and is the end result of a material journey. As such, it can indicate retirement and settling down. This is also a card of convention and conservatism, finding security and of course wanting things to remain the same. This card underscores the value of family, extended and adopted – and tradition. Fully enjoy this space, and recognize that your success, while in part because of you, is also due to something bigger.

Reversed: Something is getting in the way of the secure, prosperous upright meaning of the card. The foundations are not quite in place for retirement or taking a major step in an enterprise or relationship.

“Walking. I am listening to a deeper way. Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me. Be still, they say. Watch and listen. You are the result of the love of thousands.”
― Linda Hogan, Native American author

PAGE OF PENTACLESManifestation, Trust, Resourcefulness

This card shows a young boy holding aloft a simple origami crane. He used a humble sheet of paper to create something more. Nothing flashy, but it’s a start! This card acknowledges the power you have over the physical world, and your ability to sculpt your environment to suit your needs. The Page of Pentacles is curious and insatiable, excited and enthusiastic in taking on new projects. Use what you have to make something new. This card could indicate a new job or opportunity.

Reversed: Lack of planning, or research, or study. There may be skills you need to learn before your ventures will pay out.

KNIGHT OF PENTACLESHard working, Conservative, Meticulous

This Knight is out working in a field, under the hot sun, enjoying the work. He follows the rules, sticks to the plan and toils on, being sure of the eventual fruits of his labor. His method is not glamorous or original, but it does work. He is stubborn, obsessive, and a realist. He is also cautious, and prudent. Though a hard worker, he can be rather a stick in the mud.

Reversed: An imbalance of being too conservative / perfectionist / stodgy or not being able or wanting to stick to a disciplined routine, where it would be helpful.

QUEEN OF PENTACLESGenerous, Caring, Resourceful

She is a mother-figure, open-hearted and giving. She cradles a pair of rabbits, symbolizing fertility. Behind her are ridiculously large sprigs of Rosemary. She is trusting, trustworthy, down-to-earth, and resourceful. She is independent, practical, and good at taking care of herself and others, being a pillar of support as well as making a comfortable home. She may love to cook, craft, and build, and is good at making do with what is available. She is secure, and shares her security with others. She bares pentacle tattoos on her shoulders: her material prosperity is in proportion to the love and hard work that she creates by her own means.

Reversed: Having a work/life imbalance, giving too much to others and neglecting yourself, getting frazzled with over-commitment. It may be helpful to reaffirm your connection to nature by spending some time outdoors.

KING OF PENTACLESFirm, Secure, Prosperous

The King of Pentacles is mature and successful. He is reliable, dependable, responsible and resolute. He makes a plan, and then sees it through. This King stands silhouetted against a colorful mountain range, watching shooting stars, with an infinity symbol above his head. The symbol suggests stability, order, the cosmos. He sees opportunity everywhere, and follows his leads to completion. We see only the silhouette of this king, he is an ideal towards which to strive.

Reversed: The reversed King may be overly materialistic or power-hungry. He may care too much about status, and look down on those he feels are inferior. Alternately, this King may be lacking some of the positive qualities of the upright meaning, and be apathetic or lazy when it comes to setting goals and reaching after possibilities.